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Danny Koker, also known as the “Count,” is a well-known American TV personality, entrepreneur, and musician. He is best known as the host of the hit TV show “Counting Cars” on the History Channel, which follows the daily operations of his Las Vegas-based car and motorcycle restoration shop, Count’s Kustoms.

Born on January 4, 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, Danny Koker has always been passionate about cars and motorcycles. He began his career as a musician and later started working in the automotive industry, eventually opening Count’s Kustoms in the early 2000s. Today, the shop is one of the most popular destinations for car enthusiasts and has become a staple of the Las Vegas community.

Count’s Kustoms: A Success Story

Count’s Kustoms is a custom car and motorcycle shop that specializes in restoring and customizing vintage vehicles. The shop has become a household name thanks to the success of the TV show “Counting Cars,” which has been on the air since 2012. The show has been praised for its entertaining and educational content, giving viewers an inside look at the custom car building process and the life of Danny Koker.

The shop has been a huge success, attracting customers from all over the world and earning a reputation as one of the best custom car and motorcycle shops in the country. Count’s Kustoms has also been featured in numerous magazines and websites, including Hot Rod, Street Rodder, and Motor Trend.

Danny Koker’s Net Worth

Danny Koker’s success in the automotive industry and TV has earned him a significant amount of wealth. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be $30 million. He has made a significant portion of his fortune through Count’s Kustoms, but he has also invested in other businesses and has earned money through his TV show and various other ventures.

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In addition to his wealth, Danny Koker is also known for his philanthropy. He is involved in various charitable organizations and is a supporter of various causes, including animal welfare and veterans’ organizations.


Danny Koker is a true American success story. From his humble beginnings as a musician, he has built a multimillion-dollar empire in the automotive industry and has become a well-known TV personality. His passion for cars and motorcycles, combined with his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, have made him one of the most successful people in the automotive industry. Whether you’re a fan of custom cars and motorcycles, or just appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into building a successful business, Danny Koker is definitely worth watching.

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